We are very excited to announce that our missionaries in Lebanon, Dan & Sarah Chetti, will be with us on the evening of Sunday August 6th at 5pm.

We will have a picnic style dinner in their honor and they will both speak about their work in the Arab World. Please come out and support our missionaries and learn about their vital ministries and initiatives. Hot dogs, table service and water will be provided. Attendees are asked to sign up in the church court or call the church office. There is also a sign up sheet to help provide  all the picnic “fixings” (like rolls, salads, desserts etc.). All are welcome to this great mission information event. Dan and Sarah bring a great deal of experience and an extreme faith and belief in their work serving others in this challenging world.

Dan and Sarah Chetti, the first International Ministries missionaries in the Arab World, have been serving in Lebanon for over a decade—and have continued to serve through the Israel-Hezbollah fighting and the “Arab Spring” and “Arab Winter.” They believe these are moments of great challenge, yet opportune times in the Arab World.

Dan is an Adjunct Professor at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Beirut—an institution preparing leaders for ministry primarily across nine countries in the Middle East and North Africa. He teaches history of Christianity and historical theology. In addition, he is a member of the Faculty Council, mentors students, and does research and writing on contemporary Christianity. Dan is currently promoting a strategic ministry concept called “Arab World Initiative.”

Sarah worked as the librarian at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, reviving and reorganizing it after the long Lebanese Civil War. She expanded the holdings, classifying and computerizing the entire library. She then trained and turned over the management of the library to a Lebanese lady.

For the last few years, Sarah has been pioneering a ministry among foreign migrant women working as maids in Lebanon. There are 300,000 foreign maids laboring in Lebanon, a small nation with a population of just three million. Sarah ministers with the help of three other ladies. She visits and ministers at two other prisons, including one in Tripoli. She now runs an integrated Centre for Domestic Workers—Insaaf: Justice and Compassion of Jesus—at Hadath Baptist Church, Beirut. In cooperation with other organizations, Sarah advocates for the rights of the maids, fighting injustice and human trafficking.

Dan and Sarah are very active members of the International Church in Beirut, a vibrant congregation with over thirty nationalities. Dan is a member of the Ministry Leadership Team; he preaches and coordinates home groups and mission outreach. The Chettis host one of the home groups once a week and Dan hosts a men’s prayer breakfast twice a month.