Cuba First Baptist strives to minister to all of their church family – from the youngest to the oldest.
For our tiny members – we have a wonderful nursery ,staffed by adult volunteers and full of enrichment toys, and items to meet the needs of even the tiniest. The service is also broadcast into the nursery for parents who want to remain with their child, but don’t want to miss the service. Children from birth through school age are always welcome. This mission is staffed throughout the church service.
For the school aged children; following the children’s message during worship, these youth are invited to “junior church”. During this time (until the end of service)…games, stories, and crafts are used to entertain and to offer a Christian message.
After worship; children are invited to enjoy their own time. Coordinator Bill Beck reports:At First Baptist Church young people have several opportunities for Christian education, spiritual growth, and peer fellowship. During our regular worship service youth in grades 4-7 are invited to attend a focused discussion group called Club 320. This group was created to meet the needs of our youth who are seeking a deeper understanding of their faith in a format that was more relaxed and conversation based. Our focus is mostly theological and application of doctrine, as the youth study and learn the historic doctrines of the Christian church and how those teachings apply to our lives today. Following service youth are invited to stay and attend a more traditional Sunday School type small group. We currently (2018) employ a one group model and integrate all youth into one class. Due to the wide scope of such an endeavor our curriculum remains fluid to meet the needs and grade levels of those in attendance, typically our current class is children in grades 4-8. Our main focus in 2018 will be a one book study of the Epistle to the Ephesians. Students will also have opportunities to engage in games, craft making, and participating in our Christmas drama. First Baptist Church supplements our Sunday youth programs with several trips and retreats throughout the year. Be sure to check our events calendar on this site and to follow our Facebook pages.
For our Adults: we currently offer two choices.
Pastor Alex leads a Bible study and discussion. The group enjoys delving into scripture while discussing different viewpoints and learning more and more about their origin.
Henry Mayo and Ann Scott coordinate the “Wired Word” . Ann Scott shares
:Are you interested in current events? Do you have opinions to share? If this is you then this class is for you! Each week the class studies an event from a Christian viewpoint using scripture as the basis. Recent lessons have ranged from the engagement of Prince Harry, the Gregorian Calendar, and the death of Charles Manson. Every class is a lively dialog of differing views!
And of course in the Baptist tradition – coffee and goodies are available for after service. This is a great opportunity to spend time with their new friends and old and to be a part of the fellowship that makes CFB so special.
All are welcome!