A new approach to a very necessary ministry is about to begin at Cuba First Baptist.  “The Table Ministry” will offer food, meals and some things that just make life a little easier, to families experiencing illness, grief or other emergency situations. A sign-up sheet is in the Court and EVERYONE in the church family is encouraged to participate. In addition to food, we will also be in need of paper products, food storage bags, coffee (or other beverages), and transportation to deliver items. We are asking for those who like to cook, bake, will supply paper products etc,  and/or deliver items.

Our goal  “To Serve at the Table of Life”

A sign up sheet is located in the church court or please contact Claudia Little, or any member of the ABWM. (American Baptist Women’s Ministries).

For questions , please contact Claudia.

The “rest of the story” – we need to be made aware of needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact Claudia, the Church Office (585-968-1531) or any of the ABWM if you see, or are experiencing, a need. We understand that it is hard to ask, but we are all God’s family and we want to take care of our family.