The Diaconate Board is taking orders for poinsettias to decorate the Sanctuary. If you would like to provide a poinsettia in honor or in memory of a loved one, please return this order form to the church by Sunday, December 1.
*Please note the new lower price, we switched from a greenhouse grower to a local retailer to help keep the price of poinsettias affordable while maintaining quality. We are unable to offer any color selection this year. All plants will be red.
Name _________________________________________ Phone ________________________________________ Amount enclosed _________
______4 1⁄2” pot $4.00
______6 1⁄2” pot $7.00
Given In Memory of ________________________________________________ By______________________________________________
Given In Honor of _______________________________________________ By_____________________________________________
____I will pick up after worship on Dec. 22 ____ Please deliver to a shut-in
Return order with cash or check payable to First Baptist Church by Sunday, December 1.