Rummage Rooms

Our Rummage Rooms will be open on

SATURDAYS only from 9a – 12p.

Shoppers are required to social distance with a maximum of 8 people at a time. We ask that shoppers limit their browsing to 20 minutes, to allow more to enter. Masks (covering both mouth and nose) are required for everyone (unless under 2).

We are asking that our shoppers do not handle things that they are not interested in buying, or allowing children to handle things. We have tried to put away the most tempting items for right now. Of course, if you have been exposed to the virus, please return another day. Sanitizer is available upon entry.

Drop-offs are still by appointment only. GENTLY USED fall and winter clothing items and household items are being accepted. These items must go into quarantine for at least 48 hours, and we must know where they came from – so please do NOT leave any items at the door or in the rummage rooms. NO DROP-OFFS will be accepted during Saturday shopping hours.

As time goes on, we hope to be able to extend our days of shopping and allow more drop offs, but at this time – we feel it is our responsibility to follow COVID 19 guidelines and protect our workers and our shoppers.

We are also looking for people to sort items during the week and work on Saturdays. If you are interested in helping and feel comfortable with this task, please contact Mel Hayward at 585-968-3606. If you are attending services, there is a sign up sheet in the court.

Thank you to all who have helped make this re-opening possible. The cleaning, sorting and re-organizing task has been huge and has taken many many hours of work.

Your cooperation and support are greatly appreciated.

American Baptist Women's Ministries of Cuba First Baptist Church