The Grief Support Group meets (monthly) on the 1st Wednesday of the month, at 1pm in the lounge. If there is interest in an evening group, this too may be considered.

This group is a support group, not a counseling group and is open to any men or women in our church and/or community. Youth counseling needs should be addressed to one of the pastors. Grief is a never ending feeling that comes and goes in varying degrees and can be the product of a loss of a loved one, divorce, long-term employment changes or any life altering situation. Although the causes may be quite different, the feelings and emotions are very similar. The group is an open group that will stress confidentiality, and respect. It is a Christian approach, but not necessarily Bible based. Attendees are invited to share, but not required to do so.

Members are welcome to attend regularly or to come when they can. It will be facilitated by Claudia Little, but others who may feel they can lend their experiences are welcome to join us. . We will be using “The Support Group” manual, (Harriet Sarnoff Schiff) but will also be open to constructive conversations on any topic that members may be dealing with or be experiencing in their walk. We hope to meet the needs of the members and remain flexible in the curriculum.

We have had a nice response to this group and the number grows each month. If you would like to attend or know of an interested person, please contact Claudia at 585-968-3061 or